Adaptation to Climate Change

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Factsheet of Climate Change in the Lake Chad Bassin 2018
Factsheets: Agricultural Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in the Lake Chad Basin

Agricultural Adaptation Measures652.58 KB
Adaptation measures in the rainfed agricultural production system419.75 KB
Adaptation mesures in flood recession agriculture348.09 KB
Adaptation measures in livestock production systems334.83 KB
Friday, 2018, October 26 - 15:24
Technical itineraries of tested early seed varieties
The technical itineraries elaborated by ITRAD/IRAD provide specific information on the sequence of farming techniques for the cultivation of the new seed varieties tested. The practical application of the technical itinerary is the basis for the realization of the adaptation measures, implemented in the framework of the project ACC.

Technical itineraries of tested early seed varieties1.56 MB
Monday, 2018, May 28 - 11:13
Radio emissions
“The impacts of climate change on agriculture – Let’s learn how to adapt to CC” The radio shows developed and broadcasted in the framework of the ACC project cover the implementation of the climate change adaptation measures in the rainfed farming system during 2016. The individual radio emissions recount the actual implementation of the adaptation measures according to the individual sequences of the technical itineraries of the crops and present the farmers experiences during implementation. The radio shows have been broadcasted between July 2016 and February 2017 via Radio Terre Nouvelle in Bongor.

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Formation préalable des paysans formateurs51.96 MB
Formation préalable paysans élèves84.28 MB
Etape de semis84.19 MB
Eentretien et épandage d'engrais57.15 MB
Désherbage60.72 MB
Combattre les maladies et ravagess74.72 MB
Selection des plantes60.17 MB
Récolte76.69 MB
Atelier de restitutions des mesures35.31 MB
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Monday, 2018, May 28 - 11:12
Climate change study
The climate change study analyzes potential future climate change scenarios in the Lake Chad Basin, possible impacts on ecosystems within the Basin as well as of socio-economic consequences. The PowerPoint presentation provides a concise overview of the methodologies and the main findings of the climate change study regarding possible future climate change scenarios in the Lake Chad Basin.

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Climate change study: AHT presentation16.16 MB
Tuesday, 2018, May 15 - 14:18
Factsheet of Climate Change in the Lake Chad Bassin 2015
factsheet_climate_change_in_the_lake_chad_bassin_2015.pdf291.08 KB
Thursday, 2018, May 10 - 15:23
Climate Change: Life and Survival under the African Sun
A photo exhibition was organized within the framework of the ACC project at the headquarters of the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) in N'Djamena in May 2016. The photos and the corresponding brochure visualize the experiences of the pilot farmers during implementation of the adaptation measures.

ACC-LCBC Brochure Photo Exhibition12.56 MB
Friday, 2016, August 19 - 09:43