The 2nd Session of the Joint Steering Committee LCBC-AU

Monday, 2018, February 12

The 2nd Session of the Joint Steering Committee (JSC) Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) –African Union (AU) was held in N’Djamena, Republic of Chad, from 18-20 December 2017. The gathering has brought together Experts of the African Union, the LCBC, the Multinational Joint Task Forces (MNJTF) and Troop Contributing Counties (TTC). The main mission of the meeting was to improve the conditions of the execution of the operations of the MNJTF in its fight against the Boko Haram (BH) terrorists and to mobilize support in favour of the MNJTF with a view to cover the urgent operational needs. This meeting of the JSC was convened in conformity with the Terms of Reference (ToR) stemming from its very first session held from 24-25 March 2016, at the Headquarters of the LCBC, on the side-line of the LCBC-AU Joint Technical Evaluation Mission(JTEM).
Three remarks marked the opening ceremony which was put under the auspices of the Executive Secretary of the LCBC, Head Mission of the MNJTF. In his remark, Engineer Sanusi Imran Abdullahi, has first of all, welcomed all the participants and emphasized that the necessity for continuing the mobilization of additional support in favour of the MNJTF with a view to cover the urgent operational needs. He has finally exhorted the participants to give the best of themselves to ensure a great success of the meeting.
Taking the floor on his turn, the Force Commandant of the MNJTF, Major General, L.E.O Irabor, commended the additional support mobilized and put at the disposal of the Headquarter, to date. He concluded his remarks by empathizing the necessity for mobilizing more additional support in favour of the MNJTF.
On his part, the Head of the delegation of the African Union, Colonel Mor Mbow has paid a sounding tribute to his institution for its continuous support for the MNJTF. He then reaffirmed the unfailing commitment and the resolve of the AU to continue the mobilization and to make the additional support available to the MNJTF.
Then the meeting proceeded in a friendly atmosphere with the presentations made by AU, Experts and LCBC/ MNJTF Staff Officers.
At the end of the discussions, recommendations were made, notably to the African Union to fast-track the process of delivering the additional support through the use of the funds provided by  partners in order to responds to the urgent operational needs of the MNJTF; fast-track  the recruitment process to fill the positions in the Mission Support Team(MST) and the civil component of the MNJTF; to both the LCBC and the AU to produce regular reports on the additional support mobilized and delivered to the MNJTF.
Finally, the members of the JSC have agreed to continue the holding of the of the meeting in order to develop a communication strategy of the MNJTF on the side-line of the next session of the Joint Steering Committee meeting scheduled for February 2018.
It is pertinent to note that it is the Support Implementation Agreement (SIA) that provided the setting up of the JSC, to coordinate and share information on the additional support mobilized by the LCBC in favour of the MNJTF within the framework of the fight against the BH Terrorist Group. Twelve (12) month after the operationalisation of the MNJTF, the renewal of the basic instruments of the MNJTF proved necessary. In the same vein, the Memorandum of Understanding (AU-LCBC) and Support Implementation Agreement (SIA) (AU-LCBC-TCC) were renewed, on 24th February 2017, in Abuja Federal Republic of Nigeria.