Cooperation and Partnership with NBA

Sunday, 2019, July 21

The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) and the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) sign a Partnership Agreement

On the side-lines of the Second Lake Chad Basin Governors’ Forum in Niamey, the Executive Secretary of LCBC, Head of Mission of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), took the opportunity of his stay in Niamey to sign a Framework Agreement for Cooperation and Partnership between LCBC and NBA. This official signing ceremony took place on 18 July 2019 at the headquarters of NBA. The Executive Secretary led a delegation comprising the Director Technical, several LCBC senior officials and experts. Ambassador Mamman Nuhu signed the document presented by the Executive Secretary of NBA, Mr. Abderahim Bireme Hamid, flanked by his close collaborators.

The signing of this agreement is the warming of an old cooperation and partnership collaboration that had fallen into disuse. It thus reflects the will of the two sister institutions to work together henceforth, for better cooperation and synergy of actions, in order to offer quality services and services, for better decision-making. This is a wish cherished by the Heads of State and Government and especially the populations to provide them with both tools and instruments as well as resources for a better quality of life and sustainable socio-economic development, through the rational and equitable management of water resources.

As basin organisations responsible for promoting cooperation between member states and contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of people through the sustainable management of water resources and associated ecosystems, LCBC and NBA, through their respective mandates and missions, are therefore called upon to work closely together in order to propose sustainable solutions related to the issues of rational water management for sustainable development and to facilitate the development of tools for institutional and financial management, programming, database organisation and models adapted to needs.

Hence, the importance of this ceremony, which lays the foundations for cooperation in the implementation of socio-economic investment programmes in the two respective basins and on the other hand, materializes the exchange and sharing of experiences and expertise in the development of the resilience of populations, institutions and ecosystems, the development of socio-economic infrastructure, integrated water resource management, data and information exchange, planning and shared vision processes, financing mechanisms, hydrological and environmental monitoring, low water level management, the participation of civil society and users in decision-making, gender and sustainability issues, capacity building, etc.

This three-year agreement, which is tacitly renewable, reflects the common desire of these organizations to develop a common regional vision and to create strategic alliances and win-win partnerships. The two organizations share a common vision on water resources and environmental issues, particularly in view of the complexity of the challenges and issues facing this part of the world. They therefore intend to provide a solid platform for effective cooperation, based on a clear vision and realistic action plans, dedicated to common and mutually beneficial interests.