GMES & AFRICA: "Water and Natural Resources Management"

Friday, 2020, December 4


The GMES & AFRICA program is a joint European Union-African Union initiative, under the coordination of the African Union Commission through the Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology, and which aims to promote the development of capacities and resources institutional, human and technical for access to the operation of basic services on Earth Observation as an operational base for sustainable development in Africa. The program is an important vehicle for the implementation of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy as well as the Space Strategies and Policies in Africa, aligned with Aspiration 7 of the African Union's Agenda 2063.


The theme of the Project is: "Water and Natural Resources Management" for the Central Africa region. The project is led by a consortium of 6 partners, under the coordination of CICOS. The partners of the consortium are : OSFAC (Satellite Observatory of Central African Forests:, LCBC (Lake Chad Basin Commission:, CRH (Hydrological Research Center:, GIE- SCEVN (Economic Interest Group-Common Service for Waterway Maintenance: www. and UNIKIN (University of Kinshasa:

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