Launching of the Program for the Rehabilitation and reinforcement of Socio Ecological Resilience Systems in the Lake Chad Basin (PRESIBALT)

Friday, 2016, January 29

The Program for the Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of Socio-ecological Resilience Systems in the Lake Chad Basin (PRESIBALT) was officially launched this Thursday 28th January 2016, at the Lake Chad Basin Commission’s (CBLT) headquarters, in N’Djamena.

This colossal regional program with a total package of XAF 55 billion (around 82 million euros), totally mobilized by the Africa Development Bank (AfDAB, is for the exclusive benefit of LCBC’s Member States (Cameroon, CAR, Chad, Niger and Nigeria) and aims at improving the resilience of the vulnerable populations of the Lake Chad Basin whose fate is today closely linked to the evanescent natural resources. It particularly focuses on the reinforcement of resilience of the socio-ecological systems, the valorization of the main productions, the strengthening of social peace through shared natural resources good governance, within a context of acute climatic changes and havocs committed by the Boko Haram sect. Through big readjustment works to improve the hydraulicity of the tributary of Chari-Logone and Komadugu Yobe, to revitalize the inundation plains and preservation of the ecosystem and its biodiversity, on the one hand; and, on the other, through a “chain of value” approach that will enable security, storage, harvests increase and better commercialization of agricultural and swam products.    

Being part of LCBC Five –Year Invetsment Plan (2013-2017), this program will be executed in a way as to take into account the prevailing security situation in various areas of the basin, and also the extreme urgency to undertake actions that will protect the environment and the economic activities of the these populations. The Members of the Regional Coordination Team and the National Coordinations staff, in charge of executing this big regional program, were also presented to the attendance.

As prove of the importance attached to this program by LCBC Member countries governments and communities, representatives of LCBC traditional technical and financial partners – French Development Agency, World Bank, German Cooperation – were present during this technical launching of the PRESIBALT.

Speaking at this launching ceremony, LCBC Executive Secretary, Engr. Sanusi Imran Abdullahi, expressed his gratitude to the African Development Bank for making this program a palpable reality. He particularly noted that “the prevailing security situation in the Lake Chad Basin, should allow us to forget that if there is no development without security; the development, the wellbeing of the populations, particularly that of the basin, subjected to barbaric violence of the Boko Haram sect, should not be compromised on the sake of a mere security. On the contrary, developmental actions should be carried on the same level efforts are made to flush out this barbaric sect. In this way we are particularly happy for being able to officially launch the project today”.

The Resident – Representative of the Africa Development Bank as well as the General Secretary of the Chadian Ministry of Hydraulic, representing the Minister, first Commissioner of Chad to the LCBC, also made remarks during this launching ceremony. Both stressed the importance of this innovative program not only to the Lake Chad basin but also to the whole sub-region. This ceremony witnessed also the presence of all LCBC senior staff

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