Monday, 2019, June 24

N’Djamena– 19 June 2019
From 18 - 22 June 2019, experts of the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) were drilled on the use of HYDROMET software. HYDROMET is an internationally recognized database management system that is particularly efficient and suitable for all organizations responsible for water resources management, monitoring and provision of related information. Its purpose is to collect/receive hydrological and meteorological data, store data in a database, process data and develop various products, and make data available via an operator interface.


This hydro-meteorological data management tool (hydrometry, rainfall, meteorology, water quality, sedimentology, piezometry...), capable of managing other data (gauging, transformation curves, information, identification...), automatically calculating hourly data from instantaneous data, and managing different alarm systems (data processing, acquisition...) reception, threshold overrun...) is of crucial importance for LCBC, whose Water Charter recommends, among other things, the creation of a “Database that shall contain all the data and information on the Basin supplied principally by the State Parties and intended to meet the needs of the Commission, the member States and their partners or any other user”


Developed by the Research Institute for Development (IRD), HYDROMET has been adopted by many international projects such as the Niger Basin Authority (NBA), the Volta Basin Authority (VBA), the Caribbean States, Paraguay, etc. It was graciously provided to LCBC by IRD. The Institute also provided this training, thereby re-establishing a very long-standing relationship between this French research institution and the Lake Chad Basin Commission.