Organization chart

The Executive Secretariat

It is the organ which executes the decisions of the Summit of Heads of State and the Resolutions of the Council of Ministers. The Institutional Assessment adopted in two phases (June 2008 and May 2009) gave rise to a new organizational chart tailored as follows:

The permanent services: the office of Executive Secretary with attached services: Basin Observatory, Financial Controller, Legal Adviser, Department of Corporate Services of Communication and Protocol, Department of Regional Integration, Cooperation and Security.

Under the authority of the Executive Secretary there are two Directorates-General

  1. The Directorate-General of Operations made up of three Departments: i) Projects Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, ii) Water Resources and Environment, iii) Capacity Building, Information and Data Monitoring.
  2. The Directorate-General of Administration and Finance with two Departments: i) Finance and Equipment, ii) Human Resources.

The Consultative Committees

  • Donors Committee;
  • Interministerial Committee;
  • Committee of Stakeholders;
  • Committee of Experts.

Organization Chart of the LCBC

Download organization chart of the LCBC as pdf

The organization chart of LCBC

The organization chart of LCBC
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