Autonomous financing mechanism of LCBC

The recurrent issue of the arrears of contributions of the LCBC Member States and the increase of the expenditures of the Executive Secretariat based on the institutional reform highlighted the necessity to make the funding of LCBC autonomous or less dependent on the national budgets.

Considering the increase of the activities of LCBC, it is indispensable to increase its revenues to meet its financial needs in the short, medium and long term. It is necessary to secure the stability of the revenues of LCBC in a bid to enhance its financial visibility and enable it to manage its cash flow in an effective manner.   

In this vein, the Heads of State and Government of LCBC decided during their 12th Summit held in Abuja on the 27th March 2008 to enjoin the Executive Secretariat to undertake a study on the funding of its budget through means other than the usual contributions of the member countries just like the mechanism adopted by the organisations such as CEMAC and ECOWAS.


The primary objective of the autonomous financing of LCBC is to plan its activities in a sustainable manner from one year to another one without the impact of the fluctuations related to the unavailability of the annual contributions of the member countries.


The Executive Secretariat hired the Consulting Firm BRL Ingénierie to conduct a strategic study on the autonomous and sustainable financing of the activities of LCBC. The relevant report presented several financing scenarios. It was validated during a regional workshop held in Niamey, Niger and the experts decided that the best scenario is the combination of the contributions of the member countries with the community levies.


LCBC has to carry on the consultations with the regional organisations such as ECCAS, ECOWAS and CEN-SAD and its member countries in order to determine the implementing conditions of the selected scenario, notably the levy basis, the collection method and the management of the funds, etc.

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