Lake Chad Region Recovery and Development Project (PROLAC)

This project aims to contribute to the recovery of the Lake Chad Region by supporting regional coordination and crisis monitoring, connectivity and agricultural livelihoods in selected provinces of Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Under the project component on regional and national coordination platform and local capacity building, LCBC is implementing the sub-component on the establishment of a Regional Lake Chad Knowledge and Monitoring Platform and Secretariat for the Development of the Lake Chad Region. This seeks to:

  1. establish a Secretariat for the Development of the Lake Chad Region that will provide overall support for coordination, capacity strengthening of regional and national actors and a policy and operational dialogue in and on the Lake Chad Region; and
  2. operationalize and maintain a strategic, analytical and monitoring platform to foster knowledge exchange, collaboration and partnerships. The platform will:
  1. initiate dialogues with academic and research institutions on the Lake Chad Region, in particular a dialogue on how to transition from a humanitarian response to a development response in the Region;
  2. generate evidence through research for innovative operational solutions in the Lake Chad Region (such as ICT);
  • build capacity of countries and institutions in data collection, including geospatial data collection, data collation and dissemination;
  1. provide knowledge management and M&E for the Lake Chad Region and the Lake Chad Region Program (through a dashboard, see Annex 2);
  2. forge partnerships between humanitarian and development actors; and
  3. consolidate capacity of the LCBC to be a strong “knowledge think-tank” on issues and discussions regarding the Lake Chad Region, beyond water and resource management issues.

Donor: World Bank

Budget: USD 5million