Sustainable Development Programme of the Lake Chad Basin (PRODEBALT)

The Sustainable Development Programme of the Lake Chad Basin (PRODEBALT) is one of the responses to the serious problems confronting the existence of the Lake Chad and the perpetuity of the Basin’s natural resources. The Programme is designed to reverse the degradation tendencies observed in the basin during the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis. The PRODEBALT falls in line with the implementation of the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) and the LCBC Vision 2025 for a sustainable development of the Lake Chad Basin.

The implementation agency of the programme is the LCBC through the Regional Coordination and five National Coordinations (Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, CAR and Chad) supported by National decentralized States services, NGOs, and specialized local agencies.


The aim of the programme is to reduce poverty among the population, whose livelihoods depend on the resources of the Lake Chad Basin. The programme specifically aims to rehabilitate, enhance the capacities of the Lake Chad Basin Commission and improve climate change adaptation capacity.

Components of the Programme

The programme is implemented through four (4) components:

  • Protection of the Lake Chad and its Basin;
  • Adaption of production systems to climate change;
  • Institutional support of LCBC Secretariat;
  • Management of the programme.

Effective date: 19/12/2008

Closing date: 31/12/2015

Budget: 60.7 million UC or 41.84 billion FCFA

Beneficiary Countries: Member countries of the LCBC (Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and CAR).